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Call us today at (204) 381-2140 to book your truck or trailer wash!

If you're looking for an easier way to book and keep track of your wash bay appointments, email us at [email protected] to receive fleet pricing and a password to book your appointments online with our new customer portal!

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See our wide variety of truck and trailer wash services with detailed service information

PBX Truck and Trailer Wash Bay

PBX Truck Service has been serving the industry since 1988 to provide quality, timely and affordable truck services for Truck fleets and owner-operators to sustain their truck operations and quality standards.

Need a reliable truck and trailer wash bay? PBX is now offering wash bay services!

All the wash bay services are completed with PBX quality procedures to ensure effective and consistent washout for trucks. We are committed to using top-quality soaps, foams, and disinfectants so your truck and trailer are clean and safe.

Wash Bay Facility Services include:

  • Truck cab detailing 

  • Interior cleaning

  • Truck Wash

  • Trailer Wash

  • Truck and Trailer Wash combo

  • Truck and Trailer disinfecting service (bio-security)

  • Aluminium Wheel Polishing 

  • Aluminium trailer cleaning & brightening 

For fleet pricing, please contact us at +1 (204) 381-2140 or email us at [email protected] to receive the best pricing from the PBX Wash Bay.

PBX Truck Service | Peterbilt Model 357
Truck and Trailer Wash Bay Hanover
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  • Driver recruitment and retention

  • Customer perception

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  • Law enforcement & inspectors​

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  • Easy billing

  • Reduced cost of ownership and fleet maintenance

  • Competitive pricing 

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  • Located off the number 12 highway

  • Proper staffing minimizes wait times

  • Professional service.

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