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Specialty Welding Steinbach, Manitoba 

PBX Truck Service Inc.| Welding Shop Steinbach

Do you need stainless steel or aluminum racks to fit your general storage or warehousing needs? Or maybe you’re in need of a few modifications to your truck or trailer to get back on the road? Look no further; our skilled team of welders is experienced in welding and fabricating for commercial, industrial, and agricultural needs. PBX Truck Service has been serving the trucking industry for over 25 years, and now we’ve expanded our welding service to a dedicated specialty machining and fabrication site three kilometers from our main shop.


When needing specialty welding services, there’s no need to head to our main shop, go straight to our welding facility, head east off the number 12 on Blumenhoff road, drive two kilometers and look for driveway number 35087. 

Email all welding inquiries to [email protected] 

Call our welding shop today!  +1 431-205-1755 

Open five days a week, Monday through Friday, from 8 am – 5 pm. 

Manitoba public insurance accredited repair shop - PBX Truck Service - Welding Shop

Common Repairs 

Livestock Trailer Repair - PBX Truck Service

Livestock Trailers: Repair Gates/Hinges

Fuel Tank Welding Repair - PBX Truck Service

Trucks: Re-Barrel Fuel Tanks 

Warehouse Rack Fabrication - PBX Truck Service

Fabrication of Warehousing/Storage Racks  

PBX Specialty Welding Shop Location Steinbach
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