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2010 Wabash Trailer 53' Tandem Reefer

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Technical Specifications


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  • Price: $16,000

  • Details: Make: Wabash 

  • Model: 53' Tandem Reefer 

  • Serial #: 1JJV532B2AL332262 

  • Color: White 

  • Year: 2010 

  • Condition: Good 

  • Wheels: Aluminum 

  • Tire Wear: 40% remaining 

  • Tire size: 22.5 

  • Reefer Unit: Thermo King SB310+ Whisper 

  • Hours: 38,105


-Stainless Steel front & back

 -Stainless bumper 

-Logistics Tracks 

- Fresh Safety

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